Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Canon Photo 5 Competition

Canon Australia is having a photography competition. It sounds fun and quite challenging so I have registered to play. The idea is to photograph five objects - sent in a box to all the participants. It is only open to Australian citizens.

canon_box (Small)

My box arrived yesterday and it contained:

  1. a red ribbon
  2. a tea candle
  3. a lime green crayon
  4. a bubble maker
  5. a cocktail umbrella

box_contents (Small)

It is obvious from the start that photographing some of the objects will require the cooperation of a second person, to blow bubbles for instance.

The prizes sound quite good, for instance you can win $5000 worth of Canon products.

The rules stipulate that you have to photograph each object separately, aiming for a creative effect. You can however edit them later in a graphics program which expands the possibilities as I have a lot of special effects filters which no doubt will come in handy.

I shall enjoy thinking up scenarios for the objects. I’ve already had a few ideas on the tea candle and the bubbles, but whether they will work out as I envisage, is yet to be seen.

Anyway when I have something to show and tell I’ll put them up here.

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