Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures from the back garden

I've been out taking photos of various things in or from the back garden.

Last night I noticed a rather fetching photo opportunity seeing the full moon ducking between clouds. The photo turned out rather well with the dark clouds framing the the moon, making a rather dramatic picture.

moon_clouds (Medium)

And yesterday I observed that an orb spider had built a web over the barbeque. Orb spiders normally return to the same spot and reweave the web during the night.

I watched the spider in action last night and later took this photo of the completed web. I used the flash to capture the web, so the spider rather than being golden has turned out white.

goldenorb (Medium)

This view looking towards the back garden I snapped last week. I like the composition of the cat (Lizzie) poised in the foreground looking in the same direction. You can see in the background the yellow grass. It hasn't rained for weeks so lawns are dried out, but as soon as we get a decent fall of rain they'll be back to being green.

backyard (Medium)

To left in the above photo there are several pots containing bromeliads. They are weird plants, strange and outlandish in shape and foliage. They are epiphytes and can be grown on trees, needing little soil to hold their roots. They reproduce by growing "pups" - small versions of themselves. They also have wells at the base of their foliage collecting water.

bromeliad2 (Medium)

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