Friday, February 15, 2008

Lunchtime Concerts return to Basement Discs

Justin Grounds @ Basement Discs - 15 Feb 2008
On this pleasant sunny day in Melbourne I took the opportunity to see the first In Store performance for the year at Basement Discs. The artist was Justin Grounds, an ex patriot English singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. He was there promoting his latest CD “Love is Strong as Death”. It was a very impressive performance with Justin accompanying his singing with guitar and violin and a sound effects machine which added depth to his performance. He has a great voice reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and he writes intelligent and literate songs. You can listen to some of his music on My Space and watch a video or two there as well. I recommend you listen to “The Earth is A Woman” track. He played that today and I thought it was pretty gorgeous.

Next week. local Melbourne Blues band Collard, Greens & Gravy are In Store. I’ve heard them many times before and they are a great little ensemble.


Jan said...

ARE you sure it wasn't "cauliflower, greens and gravy"...
That's me, being silly!
The music scene in Melbourne continues to buzz, doesn't it?
Sounds great, Anne.

Anne S said...

It makes sense if you know who the artists are. The lead singer is a guy called Ian Collard and the band is named after him, even though the other two members are not named green or gravy.

The Melbourne music scene is very busy. One could go broke seeing all the acts that are coming for the major music festivals over Easter

chiefbiscuit said...

A lovely voice - let's hope he can be in some way be a replacement for Jeff Buckley.

Anne S said...

Yes, CB he does have a good voice. I must admit I never got into Jeff Buckley, but was a big fan of his father Tim Buckley who did have an extraordinary voice.