Sunday, February 03, 2008

Kacey Jones and Becky Hobbs at the Noise Bar

kacey_jones 025
Kacey Jones

The Kacey Jones and Becky Hobbs show on Friday night at the Noise Bar was quite enjoyable and I was glad I was there to see and hear it. Kacey in particular was riveting. She has a very mordant wit, and is laugh out loud funny. Her risque feminist songs were a hoot and her stage presence and presentation was cheerful and ironic. She and BecKy took turns to sing songs and I found myself looking forward to Kacey's offerings with more anticipation than to Becky's. Becky was exclusively a keyboard artist and sang more country orientated songs. She was joined at one stage by local country artist Leslie Avril who performed Becky's song "Cowgirl's Heart" with Becky providing piano accompaniment and vocal backing. I did however meet Becky before the show and she was a very sweet and friendly person and obliged me by posing for a portrait shot.

beccy_hobbs 008
Becky Hobbs

The opening act was Snowy Townsend's Bona Fide Travellers who play a type of country rock. They were pretty good, and performed some good covers of Bob Dylan, Randy Newman among others.

snowy_townsend 042
Snowy Townsend's Bona Fide Travellers

All in all it was an entertaining evening and the venue, to which I had never been before, was pleasant and laid back. We managed to get seats close to the stage, so it was comfortable as well.

Update on the Lightning Stakes

Apache Cat won the Lightning Stakes yesterday and proved what a good racehorse he is. Gold Edition started the short priced favourite, but only managed to come fourth. She apparently pulled up lame, whereupon her connections announced her immediate retirement from racing. Known as the iron lady of racing, she's been a joy to follow and I for one will miss her. Now of course I'll have to replace her in my top 30 stable (below) with another horse. I think I will replace her with Marching who appears to be the favourite for the Caulfield Guineas.


chiefbiscuit said...

You certainly do get to hear some great acts.

Anne S said...

I keep thinking I'm getting jaded with music, and even though I am often reluctant to go to some live shows, they are generally worth it.