Friday, October 05, 2007

Basement Discs goes Zydeco

A lunchtime treat today was the in store performance of Melbourne band Zydeco Jump.

Zydeco is a form of Creole music that originated in Louisiana and is related to Cajun music.It encompasses a wide variety of roots music genres including Blues, Folk, Jazz, Gospel and Rock. The piano accordion and the washboard are the traditional instruments that give Zydeco its distinctive sound. It is great foot tapping dance music played to a syncopated beat.

Zydeco Jump
has been playing its variation of zydeco for almost twenty years. The band was formed in 1988 by George Butrumis (piano accordion) and Gary Samolin (drums), both of who were part of the band today, along with longstanding band members Alan Wright on guitar and vocals and Ben Taylor on washboard. Paul Williamson of Big Combo fame guested on the saxophone. Altogether they created an irresistibly enervating sound.

It was an entertaining half hour or so of feel-good music, from waltzes to trad jazz type tunes. The band was promoting their latest CD Cooking Zydeco and concentrated on songs from it. These included the title track and a wonderful waltz called "Siren". Every time I hear a waltz tune, I am taken back to my schooldays where we learned ballroom dancing from a Mr Meredith of the Meredith School of Dancing & Physical Education. “Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe” is what I hear in my head when a waltz is played.

Tomorrow night I’m going to Northcote Social Club to see Doc Neeson’s Angels a sort of reformed band comprising members, including the acclaimed lead singer, Doc Neeson, of the famous Australian rock band The Angels . The Angels were a very popular pub rock band during the 70s. 80s and 90s and had hits with “No Secrets”, “Face the Day” “Am I Ever Gonna See your Face Again” “Dogs Are Talking” and many others.

Apparently the show on Saturday night will be in acoustic mode, so at least we won’t have to wear earplugs. It will certainly be interesting to hear all the old hard rock hits done acoustically.

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