Friday, August 10, 2007

Lunchtime Music Returns to Basement Discs

Tin Pan Orange - from left to right - Alex Burkov, Emily Lubitz, Jesse Lubitz
The Basement Discs kicked off what promises to be a stellar sequence of August In Store performances today with Tin Pan Orange, after a hiatus during the month of July.

Tin Pan Orange is a five-piece band, but today only three were on stage. The leading lights, principal singers and songwriters of the group are brother and sister, Jesse and Emily Lubitz. They both played acoustic guitars with a guy called Alex Burkov playing electric mandolin and sensationally good gypsy violin as an added accompaniment.

It is hard to describe the type of music that Tin Pan Orange play, as it’s such a mix of genres. There’s a flavour of Jazz, a hint of rock n roll with a funky base. Emily’s voice is really something special – smoky and sensual.

They played a selection of songs from their latest CD Death, Love and Buildings and one from their first Aroona Palace, which was a whimsical song about unrequited love.

I must admit I’d never heard of this group before and I was impressed by their performance. A fair crowd of people were there to take in the vibe, including a group of young Asians who appeared to be strays, but they stayed and watched the show.

Melbourne appears to full of bands and artists one has never heard of. You occasionally come across them as support acts at shows or from other sources like the Basement discs who are very supportive of local artists.

Next Friday, another (unknown to me band) called Downhills Home will be putting on a mini show, then the week after two in-stores by International artists. On Tuesday Albert Lee, the famous UK \US guitarist will be playing followed by, on Wednesday, the extraordinary and engaging Brian Kennedy from Ireland.
And of course there are only 10 more sleeps to the Ryan Adams concert on 20th August


chiefbiscuit said...

goo dto catch up with your news - lovely Spring photos - we haven't such definite signs of spring yet - although some lambs will be about on farms by now.
Congrats on becoming a Great Aunt again! Zoe is a lovely name.

Anne S said...

CB: Glad you could drop by. I agree about the name Zoe - very attractive - short and sweet. I probably won't set eyes on her until Christmas as I don't get down my niece's way all that often and she lives 100kms from Melbourne.