Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another one of those moments

Another lost photo opportunity today in Melbourne , was the astonishing sight of a guy on skates (roller) being towed by two dogs. They flashed past me on the intersection of Spring and Lonsdale Streets and were heading at a good clip towards Carlton. It made me laugh, and ponder the frequency, this week, of strange Melbourne sights.

The Public Purse spot today was occupied by a rock band - OK I suppose - but not up to the standard of fat belly dancers and the hare krishna fraternity.

Tomorrow, I'm attending an exhibition as part of my work. It is a showcase of innovations in interior architecture and design. It could be quite interesting and is kind of relevant to my job as Supply Manager.

It's at Jeff's Shed (aka Melbourne Exhibition Centre) down by the Yarra river. I'll take my camera and try to get some water views with or without ducks.


Clare said...

Yes, a shame in a way...but in another way, not - because by means of your words I can now see it too.

Jan said...

Your job DOES sound interesting. What sort of stuff do you do?