Friday, March 02, 2007

The Blues @ The Basement Discs

In a complete change of pace from recently attended live music acts, local blues artist Geoff Achison, put on an absorbing and masterful performance at the Basement Discs today.

He is an extraordinarily good guitarist and has a bluesy sort of voice, somewhat husky in tone.

Performing songs from his latest release Acho Solo, they were a mix of original compositions and covers. The self-penned “Apparatus” was a standout, with Geoff drawing forth from his guitar, strange mechanical blips and scrapes. The song was inspired by his stint of working in a factory in his younger days and is principally about factory workers being replaced by machines.

He played for about half an hour finishing with a sensational cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious”.

In a fortnight, US blues artist Eric Bibb is scheduled to do an In-Store. It should be a good show too.

Another piece of good news came my way yesterday with the announcement of a new studio album from Ryan Adams to be released in June. It’s called “Easy Tiger”. I can hardly wait…


Jan said...

Sounds good, this music scene in Melbourne. One of my sons was there a couple of yrs ago; he's into music and enjoyed that aspect of the city...
Husky blues; I like it...Universal language, that.

Anne S said...

Jan - Melbourne has always a good music scene. Pub rock ruled for many years and is still going strong even today. I see lots of young people at the shows I go to as well as persons from my own age group.