Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mary Gauthier at Basement Discs

Hot off the press on a very hot day here in Melbourne (40◦C), I ventured down to Basement Discs today to see Mary Gauthier performing in-store.

Needless to say, being a great fan and all, I thought it was a fabulous performance.

Mary came across as very friendly and relaxed. I loved her “look”, rose coloured glasses and all. Accompanied by an ace guitarist called Thomm Jutz, she played both guitar and harmonica as well as singing.

The mini show lasted for about 45 minutes and Mary sang songs off her latest CD, Mercy Now as well as some new compositions, which I’ve never heard before but sounded great.

There was a good crowd there, but I managed to get my usual position directly in front of the stage.

My anticipation for the show on Friday at Northcote Social Club has grown exponentially.

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