Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh, the flowers that bloom in the Spring Tra La La

As it was a lovely Spring day yesterday, unlike today which is a return to Winter, I went out into the garden and photographed some of the flowers booming in profusion.

I love it when plants, all in a bunch, bloom together, making a stunning wall of colour.

Admittedly, the irises have been flowering for several months, but not quite with the density of display as of late.

The clivias have just started to flower and the pink daisies (whatever they're called) are a mat of pink on the ground.

orange_lily (Medium)

We have purple iris growing all over the place, like weeds. They are a stunning flower and en masse, look spectacular and remind me of Van Gogh's painting.

iris0906_2 (Medium)

There is a lilac bush in the front garden which I planted 20 years ago. It was a sucker from a lilac tree that was in the backyard of a house I lived in 22 years ago. It has certainly taken it's time to flower, as this year is the only time it has borne blossom over the 20 years it has been growing there, near the front gate. The parent tree is long gone, as that other house was renovated shortly after I moved out and the garden was destroyed. I had, understandably, given up hope long ago that the lilac would ever flower, so I'm pleased that it has finally obliged.


clare said...

Gorgeous flowers, Anne - really impressive. I love those purple irises. Spring for you - Autumn for us of course. For the last few weeks all the greenery is starting to look quite worn out.

Anne S said...

Thanks Clare,

Up close and personal with flower photography really produces a dramatic picture.

Yes, it's Spring here, vapours of Jasmine floating in the breeze or gale force winds more likely.

Spring in Melbourne is contrary - you never know what the day will bring. But everything is fresh and green as we have had some rain as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! That is an amazing story about the flowering lilac - that must be a thrill for you. I too am enjoying the profusion of spring colours.

Anne S said...

I'd forgotten how beautiful the scent of lilac is. Now that the blossom is out I savour the perfume everytime I go out or in the gate.