Friday, September 22, 2006

Four Hours Sleep

4 Hours Sleep - Basement Discs - 22/9/06

I had considerably more sleep than that last night. Four Hours Sleep is a band of diverse musicians brought together under the auspices of Bill McDonald, illustrious bass player in many fine Melbourne bands, like Rebecca’s Empire, Paul Kelly, Frente etc.

Four Hours Sleep were playing an In Store at Basement Discs at lunchtime today. I was there in attendance with my camera.

The other members of the band performing today were Stephen Cummings, Angie Hart, Pete and Dan Luscombe and Fi Claus. They barely fit on the tiny Basement stage, but the music they produced was sweet and dreamy stuff, taken from the album Love Specifics.

I was pleased to reacquaint myself with Angie Hart whom I used to know many years ago at the Dan O’Connell Hotel. This was before she established her music career. She came into the pub in her school uniform to hang out with her boyfriend of the time. She struck me today as a sweet and unaffected young woman who has not let fame and fortune go to her head.

Angie Hart - Basement Discs - 22/9/06
Angie Hart of course first came to prominence as the lead singer for Frente who had a hit with the quirky pop song,“Accidently Kelly Street” way back in 1993.

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