Friday, July 21, 2006

A Lunchtime Diversion

Well, I’ve been extremely remiss in not posting for some time. Truth to tell there’s been not much to write about, other than the usual mundane things.

Anyway, at lunchtime today I ventured down to the Basement Discs for one of their In-Store performances. This is nothing new for me, as I go to most of the In-Stores. I‘ve seen Nichaud Fitzgibbon (Jazz) and Ottmar Liebert (Nuevo Flamenco) over the past three weeks and today it was local artist Sarah Carroll promoting her new CD.

I noticed a number of other local musicians in the audience most notably Mick Thomas of Weddings, Parties Anything fame and Cyndi Boste another artist of rare talent. She will be appearing at the Basement Discs in August, so something to look forward to.

I’ll be writing a review of Sarah’s performance for Nu Country.

The photo above is of Sarah Carroll with Andy Baylor on guitar and Leigh Ivin on pedal steel.

It was an entertaining half hour of music and I do really appreciate and enjoy the Basement In-Stores. It’s a treat to hear good and diverse music at lunchtime. Melbourne, in general, doesn’t know what it’s missing. Still, one wouldn’t like to see it get too crowded...

Next week it’s The Audreys, a great little band from Adelaide who I am very much looking forward to seeing again.

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