Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Marcel Borrack CD Launch

On Saturday night I took advantage of a free pass to go the CD launch of Marcel Borrack, a young, local singer-songwriter whose new CD, titled I Was Only Dreaming, has been on rotation on my player for the past week. I like taking photos of musicians, so I always get as close to the stage as I can. Not only for the photos, I enjoy being up the front for performances as well. It seems more involving than standing at the back. I’ve been spoiled by The Basement Discs in-stores. This marvellous independent CD store, in the centre of Melbourne CBD, has been my Mecca for music for many years. They host free in-store performances regularly, at lunchtime. It’s great to be able to go and listen to live music at that time of day in very intimate surrounds. The in-stores showcase a diverse range of music, from local Australian musicians to touring overseas performers. I’ve experienced some sensational acts there and discovered new artists. The Basement Discs webpage is of my design and I maintain it as well. The photos in the Gallery are mostly mine if you want to check them out. I’m getting better all the time at photographing musicians and have a huge collection of such-like photos dating back a couple of years.

Anyway, back to last Saturday, the CD launch was excellent. Despite it being a standing only venue, we at the front sat on the floor. It gets a tad wearing on the old legs if you have to stand for several hours.

The photo above shows Marcel Borrack (in the suit) with Barb Waters (another local singer-songwriter) and Robyn Chalklen (dark hair & specs) and Chris Parkinson who together form the duo The Yearlings. They opened the show with a very pleasant laid back set.

I am writing a review of the show for the Nu Country website, another of my web enterprises, and more photos will be used to illustrate it.

I will post the link to the review when it is online, which may be some time as Nu Country’s hosting client is experiencing problems and I am unable to upload anything at the moment.

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